Foam Shoe Insert


Foam Shoe Insert

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We are Taiwan manufacturer, supplier, exporter and factory of rich quality Foam Shoe Insert products. These highly royal looking product we manufacture come with intricately done workmanship. We own a group of experienced and talented designers who have made products that are well accepted by our customers. Committed to achieve 100% customer satisfaction, we take extreme care to ensure consistent Before and After sales service at most reasonable price.

Foam Shoe Insert - 001
Model: 001
Foam Shoe Insert
Key Features:
  1. Size: #40, 44, 48, 52, 54
    Length (cm): 27, 29, 31, 33, 34
    Thickness:  33mm
    Hardness: Blue-50°, Rice color-60°, Green-70°
  2. Non-toxic, non-smell & anti-flammable
  3. Medical treatment class & Low hypersensitive

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Mesmerizing in designs, we have for our clients high grade

Foam Shoe Insert

products. They come in bright color combinations that make them an eye catching look.


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