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We endeavor to the leader in the industry with years of experience in manufacturing, supplying and exporting EVA Foam, EPE Foam, PU Foam, Yoga Foam, Judo Mats, Tae Kwon Do Mats, Foam Exercise Mats, Foam Floor Mats, Foam Kickboard, Foam Buoys, Foam Shoe Inserts in Taiwan. We try every means to make sure that our customers can enjoy best quality products with competitive price. Following are parts of our models, we are glad to offer detailed information of more models for your reference. Please contact now.

  • Life Buoys - B7-50 B7-50 - Life Buoys : Foam Buoys
    Key Features:
    1. Size: thickness 7cm, interior diameter 50cm, exterior diameter 75cm
    2. Made of EVA FOAM
    3. Non-toxic
    4. Durable & Light weight
    5. Available in a variety of colors
    6. Superior in specific buoyancy
  • Foam Life Jacket - 001 001 - Foam Life Jacket : Foam Buoys
    Key Features:
    1. EVA + Stretch nylon + P.P. band + POM
    2. Softness
    3. Durable
  • Foam Buoy - LB-104 LB-104 - Foam Buoy : Foam Buoys
    Key Features:
    1. Size: L 104cm x W 14.5cm x H 7cm
    2. Made of EVA FOAM
    3. Non-Toxic
    4. Durable
    5. Light weight
    6. Available in a variety of colors
    7. Superior in specific buoyancy
We own a very gifted artisan talent pool which guarantees timely deliveries with top quality

Foam Buoys

. All staff warmly welcomes the vast number of businessmen of foreign companies to create brilliant!

This product is made from polyethylene outer material is polyurethane foam inner core. And the

Foam Buoys

are maintenance-free. The material of the Foam Buoys is high environmental protection. The life time of the products is long enough. They included different styles and size.


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