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As EVA Foam, EPE Foam, PU Foam, Yoga Foam, Judo Mats, Tae Kwon Do Mats, Foam Exercise Mats, Foam Floor Mats, Foam Kickboard, Foam Buoys, Foam Shoe Inserts manufacturer, supplier and exporter, with a factory in Taiwan. Our products supplied and exported worldwide relying on our professional talent and good experience. We force to manufacture specially to suit the exact requirement of our client ranging from small business to huge manufacturing units. Custom-designs and OEM/ODM services are cordially welcome.

  • EPE Foam Roll - EPE EPE : EPE Foam Roll
    Key Features:
    1. The material for absorbing the shock.
    2. Protection for Glass, Sports goods, Structure, Furniture, Electronic instrument.
    3. Available in a variety of colors.
    4. Extremely durable.
    5. Heat & Cold resistant.
    6. Excellent workability.
  • EPE Foam Rod - EPE EPE : EPE Foam Rod
    Key Features:
    1. Absorbing the shock
    2. Protection for glass, Sports goods, Structure, Furniture, Electronic instrument
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EPE Foam

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EPE Foam

widely used in the installation of air conditioner sheath, pipeline heat insulation, toy guardrail, recreation places, etc due to its good foaming, elasticity and heat preservation. It is a kind of new type foaming material. It has the precise formation and a different percentage formation body formation to squeeze out. EPE Foam offered by us also calls the pearl cotton and kapok. It uses the butane to become spongy forms and joins two kind of supplementary materials, the entire production process is the physical change, and therefore EPE is non-toxic. The EPE Foam can against static electricity.


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