Foam Kickboards


Foam Kickboards

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Long Future Co., Ltd. is a fully integrated Taiwan Manufacturer and Exporter, Supplying Foam Kickboards. We have high qualified and dedicated workforce which assures you of on-time delivery of high quality products. If you are interested in any styles, please feel free to contact us.

Foam Kickboards - BELT-1
Model: BELT-1
Foam Kickboards
Key Features:
  1. Size: 4cm(thickness) x 24cm(width) x 64cm(length)
  2. Water-repellent
  3. Non-toxic & Anti-flammable
  4. Chemical resistant
  5. Weather resistant
  6. Light Weight & insulation
  7. Superior in specific buoyancy

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Foam Kickboards

products are intricately designed and embroidered with premium quality of threads. We sincerely welcome all relevant friends all over the world to come for visit and cooperation!


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